Al Madinah Private School believes students can derive immense educational benefit from taking part in trips away from the school campus.

Field Trips:

  • Develop students’ investigative skills
  • Create an awareness of, and integration with, the local community
  • Encourage personal and social development
  • Develop understanding of the subject through hands-on activities
  • Provide opportunities for students to undergo experiences not available in the classroom

Abu Dhabi’s extensive resources provide a myriad of opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom. Al Madinah Private School teachers will organize appropriate trips that deepen students’ understanding of the school’s curriculum and make links with the local community and culture.

The Boat House and Marine Centre

One of the special features of an Al Madinah Private School education will be its focus on the ocean. The Boat House, with direct access to the water, will be at the heart of the school. In the early years, students will engage in fun projects and activities whilst exploring the sea through hands-on scientific enquiry.

Your child will explore the local marine environments, develop hypotheses, collect and analyze data, and share their results with classmates.

The curriculum will be designed to engage and excite students, develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, and to cultivate an understanding of, and appreciation for, marine life and ecosystems.

The Boat House will also be home to a wide range of water sports such as:

  • Rowing
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Paddling
  • Sailing
  • Diving
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